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BG Driveline Fluid Service

The BG Driveline Service guarantees the smooth, quiet operation of axles, transfer cases, and gears for front-wheel-drive transmissions, all rear-wheel drives, and all four-wheel drive transmissions. Too often overlooked in even scrupulous programs of maintenance, these BG products contribute meaningfully to the overall economy and efficiency of your vehicle's operation.

BG MGC® Multi-Gear Concentrate

BG MGC® is a technically advanced gear oil supplement that enhances lubricant film thickness and improves extreme pressure properties for gear surfaces and other moving parts under frictional conditions. Designed for use in all types of manual industrial transmission applications. BG MGC® offers many unique performance benefits: smooths manual transmission shifting characteristics, reduces gear box temperature, reduces component wear, improves demulsability, enhances thermal stability, extends oil service life and cuts maintenance costs.
Part No. 325 6 oz. (177 mL) tube

BG LSII Limited Slip Axle Additive Concentrate

BG LSII is designed to prevent chatter in plate and clutch type limited slip differentials. BG LSII may be used with any GL-5 gear lubricant in limited slip applications. It is also excellent for eliminating chatter in full-time four wheel drive transfer cases. The ingredients in BG LSII smooth and quiet operation of gears in the differential and fortify the additives in the gear lubricant.
Part No. 328 6 oz. (177 mL) tube

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