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PF7 - Brake Service System




Brake Service System


The BG PF7 Brake Service System quickly and effectively removes oxidized and corrosive brake fluid, replacing it with fresh fluid.

• Exchanges brake fluid in 20 minutes
• Uses shop air to remove and replace brake fluid
• Suction wand used to remove brake fluid from master cylinder
• Used fluid container: 2.5 gallons/9.5 liters
• Visual indicator tells the technician when BG PF7 needs to be refilled


                   Height: 48 inches/1.219 Meter
                    Width: 19.5 inches/0.495 Meter
                    Depth: 16.5 inches/0.419 Meter
         Fluid Capacity: 1 quart/0.946 Liters
                    Filters: 2 cleanable wire strainers and 2 air filters
           Construction: Steel frame with heavy duty casters,
                                Polyethylene skin and console, EPDM hoses
Power Requirements: None
           Process Rate: 15–20 minutes, depending on condition
                                and model of vehicle
       Process Method: In loop with vehicles brake system using
                                pressurized air and pump


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