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CT2 Coolant Transfusion System



 Product Specification and Technical Data


Coolant Transfusion System


BG CT2 Coolant Transfusion System installs new 50/50 coolant while simultaneously removing worn out coolant. This method ensures no intermixing of old and new fluids takes place. It also sends fluid through places in the cooling system not accessible when fluid is flowing in the regular direction. 


                   Height: 37.5 inches/0.9525 Meter
                    Width: 27.25 inches/0.6922 Meter
                    Depth: 15.13 inches/0.3842 Meter
         Fluid Capacity: 6 gallon/22.7 Liters (used & new)
           Construction: Steel frame with heavy duty casters.
                                PVC plastic skin and console.
Power Requirements: 12 Volt DC
           Process Rate: Average transfusion time is 5–10
                                minutes, depending on condition and model of vehicle
      Process Method: In loop with vehicle cooling system using pump to assist with delivery of                                    new coolant while transferring used coolant to machine

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