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BG Big Dawg®High Capacity Power Flush and Fluid Exchange System


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Just like its predecessor (BG PF20), the BG PF20-500 Big Dawg® High Capacity Power Flush and Fluid Exchange System is the ultimate solution to effective automatic transmission maintenance. It’s built tough for large vehicle transmissions and handles small vehicles in a snap. The BG Big Dawg® cleans all internal transmission components including torque converter, valve body assemblies, lines and cooler vanes. Then it thoroughly flushes the old fluid and cleaner and simultaneously installs new fluid. It can easily handle the exchange of 14 gallons of ATF at 280 PSI IN LESS THAN ONE MINUTE! The PF20-500WO is sold without fittings; both light duty and heavy duty fittings are available individually or in complete kits. Part No. PF20-500WO

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